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Byte-Sized Virtue S04E01 - Wash Up Naked
March 7, 2017

Byte-Sized Virtue S04E01 - Wash Up Naked


Virtue is an interior disposition to do the good...but what if you don't always perceive that interior call?

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The liturgical season of Lent began last week with Ash Wednesday, which means that it's time for another round of Byte-Sized Virtue episodes...the fourth season, if you will, of these periodic reflections from Withstand the Fury Dragon and, at times, others.

Firstly: if you want to understand the title of this episode, you'll need to give a listen to Crooked Soul by Ike Ndolo.

But...why? Well: it's all well and good to talk about virtue, and we will probably do a fair bit of that over the next few weeks. But, what is virtue? Well, one definition is that virtue is the interior disposition to do what is good. As a definition, that works pretty well, and we probably all know people who fit it handily, people who just seem naturally ordered toward — inclined, if you will — to do what is good at every turn.

But what about those of us who struggle with that?


Trinsic (Positive) from the Ultima 9 Soundtrack

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