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Byte-Sized Virtue S05E02 - Humility by Example
December 16, 2017

Byte-Sized Virtue S05E02 - Humility by Example

How would you respond if your child turned out to be the King of the Universe?

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Podcast Topic

In listening to the most recent — well, not actually the most recent, but rather an encore presentation of an episode from three years ago — of The Lanky Guys (a Catholic podcast, published weekly, that looks at the Mass readings for the coming Sunday), I was struck by an observation that was made. In discussing the presentation of the infant Jesus to Simeon, the old man in the temple, it was observed that even after Mary was told that her little baby was the fulfillment of all history (including history yet to unfold)...she responded with quiet contemplation.

It's a subtle — but stunning if you think about it — example of Humility, one that I can relate to as a parent. Because it's natural, as a parent, to want to talk up your children to others, to praise their abilities and gifts to other people. And yet, with a baby who was literally the newborn king of the Universe, Mary instead quietly pondered His reality in her heart.


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