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Byte-Sized Virtue S05E03 - Humility in Ultima
December 23, 2017

Byte-Sized Virtue S05E03 - Humility in Ultima

This being an Ultima-themed podcast, let's take a look at how that series of games understands and presents the Virtue of Humility.

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This week, we take a look at how the Virtue of Humility is understood and presented in the Ultima series, mostly drawing upon the entry for Humility at the Codex of Ultima Wisdom:

Humility is the opposite of Pride, and independent of the principles of Virtue, is about perceiving one's place in the world, not according to one's own accomplishments, but according to the intrinsic value of all individuals. It is the recognition of the worthiness of all beings, and the perception of one's own place among them, regardless of one's own personal accomplishments or mistakes in the world. New Magincia is a towne built on the ruins of old Magincia by a colony of humble people who understand well the dangers of false, self-serving pride and the beauty of humility.

And we connect these concepts back to what has been discussed in the last couple of episodes, in which Humility — rather than being the abasement of the self — is to be the most authentic version of oneself.


New Magincia,from the Ultima 9 Soundtrack 

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