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Spam Spam Spam Humbug 50 - Hey, Look, a Milestone!
August 11, 2016

Spam Spam Spam Humbug 50 - Hey, Look, a Milestone!

We've somehow managed to reach a fiftieth episode. That seems significant.

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This episode of Spam Spam Spam Humbug is brought to you by our Patreon backers; thank you to everyone who supports Spam Spam Spam Humbug and the Ultima Codex by that means. And, as always, a hearty thank you to our Patreon co-producers: Seth, Johnny, Dominik, Chris, Violation, Adam, Erik, Thorwan, Cody, Pascal, and Neil.

New Patrons & Shout-Outs

This week, we welcome Helgraf Dragon as a new backer on Patreon. And as it happens, he also joined us for this episode; listen for his humourous interjections!

New Ultima Dragons

Facebook: Azaar, Constance, Luke, Chris, Brian, Adam, Jonathan, E. W., Mikko, Aaron, Keith, Aaron, Carl, David, Peter

Google+: Rafaele, Thorns & Spells, Steve

Follow-Up From Previous Episode

Pokemon Go has made $160 million in less than 30 days and people use it more than Facebook - Enough said.

Arx Fatalis - In last week's discussion on interaction and crafting, we totally missed mentioning Arx Fatalis, which also had a very Ultima-like interactivity system. Only it added some depth; instead of just turning bread dough into bread, you could roll the dough out with a rolling pin, add some apples, and voila: a pie.

Weeks in Review

Ken - Mage and Minions (Android), The Elder Scrolls Online (PC), Pokemon Go (Android), Rebel Galaxy (PC), Mobius Final Fantasy (Android), Grim Dawn (PC), Victor Vran (PC), Shroud of the Avatar (PC)

Gradilla - TERA (PC)

Helgraf - 7th Sea, a swashbuckling pen-and-paper RPG

Boolean - Binge-watching Orange is the New Black, painting his arcade cabinet, and experimenting with a Raspberry P3 3 Model B

Podcast Topic(s)

To celebrate the fiftieth episode of Spam Spam Spam Humbug, we are giving away three copies of Hammerwatch (check it out on Steam). To be entered into the draw, you simply need to leave a review for Spam Spam Spam Humbug on iTunes or Stitcher (and then, preferably, reach out to us and let us know that you've done so). We'll put everyone's names in a hat and draw three out, and announce the winners during an upcoming episode.

In the first part of the episode, Withstand the Fury Dragon is joined by Violation (a well-known fixture of the Shroud of the Avatar community), Merrik Dragon, Golem Dragon, and Deathblade Dragon, to discuss the land rush that is presently underway in Richard Garriott's upcoming game. Now that Shroud of the Avatar's game world is fully persistent, backers whose pledges include an in-game house as a reward have been sorted into groups, and each group in succession is being turned loose into the world of Novia. That's right: players are now in something of a race to stake their claims to the ideal -- or, at least, an acceptable -- place for their in-game Avatar to dwell.

In the second part, Gradilla Dragon, Boolean Dragon, and Helgraf Dragon join the discussion, and we continue talking about Shroud of the Avatar for the most part, along with some other things.

In Other News

Man rams car into game studio for 'ruining his life' - “A 33-year-old Chinese man staying with his older brother in South Korea for three months, in a fit of alcohol-fueled rage, took said brother's vehicle despite not having a valid license and drove said vehicle right through the glass walls of game studio Nexon at 7AM two Sundays ago...The man made the impulsive decision because he claims the MapleStory and (Cliffy B's) Lawbreakers publisher 'ruined his life' by fueling his addiction to the publisher's free-to-play games.”

38 Studios Investigation Concludes, No Criminal Charges - “After a four-year investigation, Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Kilman and State Police Colonel Steven O’Donnell announced in a press conference on Friday that they would not be filing any charges against former 38 Studios employees or any officials involved in the $75 million loan deal that was negotiated between the video game developer (for the development of Project Copernicus) and the state of Rhode Island.”

The Oregon Trail is Getting Reimagined as a Card Game - “The Oregon Trail is one of an old classic in the realm of video games, having been played by millions upon millions of people in the nearly 45 years since its first version released. It got remade as a Pepsi tie-in a few weeks back, but it turns out that fans have since found that an all new reimagining of the game is on its way. The Oregon Trail Card Game was discovered last week, one which promises to give players a whole new way to struggle against the eternal plague of dysentery.”

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Ultima VI Gates of Creation by OC ReMix

Karelia's Song (from the Shroud of the Avatar soundtrack), by David R. Watson

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